The Future of Great Yarmouth

FULL REPORT HEREGreat Yarmouth (.pdf)

This is the report which was adapted and reported by Geraldine Scott in the Great Yarmouth Mercury, on 18/12/2015

From the introduction to the above report:-

“Great Yarmouth possesses an outer deep-water harbour, a port, and faces almost directly across the water from the 13 highly-developed seaports of Holland. Behind it is the Norfolk Broads, a large and expansive series of waterways and National Park. To its immediate west is UNESCO City Of Literature Norwich, to its north the refuge of established wealth and royalty along The Wash, to its south the corona of the ever-expanding commuter belt of London.

Its history is still richly preserved in a variety of unspoiled architectural forms, and the narrative of the town’s history (from world-class port to postwar entertainment mecca) is a source of considerable local pride. This past, however, is gone, and is never coming back.

Contemporary Great Yarmouth is an area of intense deprivation, stagnating wages, and shrinking civic space. It is isolated from its surroundings by notoriously poor infrastructure. These social and cultural problems have guaranteed that the interest and investment Great Yarmouth needs has not materialised.

This is an idea about the future. Great Yarmouth needs investment to upgrade its infrastructural links to the region. In order to bring this investment, the question the town has to answer is ‘What is the point of Great Yarmouth?’ ”

Please click here to view how I propose to answer this question, and feel free to leave comments via email or below.





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  1. Sue says:

    Because my kids love yarmouth like it’s heaven on earth, it may not be fantastic in the adult eye.. But to young children it’s fabulous, rides, bouncy castles, aquarium, market chips, swimming pool, and of course the beach with a view of Scroby Sands which my five-year old adores. Before you run this town down think for a moment. I lived in Aylesbury as a child.. That was far worse than yarmouth, yes it’s not paradise but we wouldn’t want it any other way. Just needs more support from locals aswel as the holiday makers. Xx


    1. Anders says:


      I agree – and what the report (please read it!) seeks to do is to plan a good and prosperous future for those children! I firmly believe that these modest and sensible proposals can really make a difference. Thank you for your comments – and I miss the fish ‘n’ chips every day!


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